Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The GRE updated General Exam, the world’s most recognised college admissions test, tests verbal reasoning, quantitative logic, rational thinking, and analytical writing skills needed for graduate and business school performance. The GRE revised General Examination is being taken by prospective graduate and business school students from all over the world. Applicants come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and the GRE revised General Examination offers a standard measure for comparing the credentials of applicants. GRE ratings are used to complement the undergraduate transcripts, referral letters, and other requirements for graduate-level study through admissions committees and fellowship councils. The GRE updated General Test is available in more than 160 countries at roughly 700 test centres. The computer-based test is accessible continuously during the year in most regions of the globe.

The computer-based test is available one to three times a month in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. In areas of the world where computer-based research is not available, the test is offered up to three times a year in a paper-based format.

What is the Admission Exam for Graduate Management (GMAT)?

The Graduate Management Acceptance Test (GMAT*) exam is a standardised exam used by more than 5,200 graduate management programmes worldwide in admissions decisions. It allows you to gauge your academic potential for performance in graduate-level management studies and present it to colleges.

What is calculated by the test?

The four-part assessment tests the abilities of your Analytical Writing, Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning, higher-order reasoning abilities that have been recognised by management faculty worldwide as essential for incoming students to have. In the core curriculum of a graduate management programme, the GMAT scores provide a standardised, statistically accurate indicator of how you are likely to do academically.

How is the examination supplied?

The GMAT exam is performed entirely in English and on a computer only. It is not a business awareness exam, mastery of the subject matter, vocabulary of English, or advanced computational skills.

Why do I have to take the GMAT?

Launched in 1954 to provide a standardised measure of the academic skills required to excel in their programmes by a consortium of nine business schools, the GMAT test is now used by more than 5,200 graduate management programmes at about 1,900 institutions worldwide.

Hundreds of prestigious B-schools in India are now accepting GMAT ratings, including ISB and IIM’s. Therefore, you need to take the GMAT most of the time if you want to enter a prestigious Business School.

What format does GMAT have?

The GMAT is provided in the form of a Computer Adaptive Test on a computer. This implies that the machine adjusts or adapts to your performance, and questions are presented, and scores are created based on your performance.


Is the GMAT score the only criteria for my B-School selection?

Well, it is one of the measures for your selection, not the only measure. While it is an essential component of your selection process, other variables are considered for your acceptance, such as your academic results, your work experience, your admission essays, your Statement of Intent, and several other variables. Your test score will, however, be essential for other variables to be considered. You cannot, therefore, disregard this ranking.

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