Advanced Course

This course is designed to take you to an advanced level so that you can optimise and improve what you have already learned. It is tailor-made for you and your personal ambitions. It will acquaint you with some crucial ways to manage risk, safeguard your profits, minimize your losses, and help you identify a trading style that best suits your needs. You will get to know about Spread betting and CFDs and how they differ, their advantages, and the risks involved. You’ll also understand how providers price their markets and what determines their spreads.

By the end of the course, you will feel ready to choose a market to do active trading and confidently start to spread betting and earn profits. You will be able to identify a suitable trading style, respond wisely to diversified situations, maintain your profitability, and take a particular position in a market. You will be able to use our tools and techniques effectively to guide your trading decisions.

Module 1:
Decide Your Trading Style

Module 2:
Plan Your Trading

Module 3:
Position And Swing Trading

Module 4:
Day Trading And Scalping

Module 5:
Balancing Risk And Reward

Module 6:
Maintaining Discipline

Module 7:
Spread Betting And CFD Trading

Module 8:
Identify Your Ideal Markets And Start Trading

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The classes are taken online
  • » All of the modules are included.
  • » The classes are taken online over zoom session.

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