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Stand out from the crowd with Learn 2 Earn. We help students and graduates around the world to gain international internship experience outside of our full online programmes across 13 different industries.

Students around the world are given the Internship Placement Program, with a start date according to your availability. Our remote internship program will guarantee an offer in your preferred choice of industry. We tailor our services and find you the right workplace, if you think this is the right fit for you, then Apply Now! We will be happy to welcome you to our programme.

The internship duration will be tailored as per the need of the applicant with respect to the industry. The applicant can choose the preferred duration while applying for the internship.

The duration period are:

4 Weeks
6 Weeks
8 Weeks
12 Weeks

We position students and graduates in all sectors of the business, including finance and law, as well as vast networks in the creative industries, with internships around the world. Total Internship partners with leading local businesses and the world’s biggest foreign companies, and we guarantee all enrolled participants an internship. Although very unique requests will not be assured, we will do our utmost to balance appropriate opportunities with applicants who are high enough to be included in our internship programmes.

These are the preferred industry that an applicant can apply with:





Real Estate

Event Planning

Business Development




Human Resource


Graphic Designing

Note: If your preferred industry is not in list please feel free to give us a call.

What is a Remote Internship?

A remote internship is an internship experience focused on a project that can be completed from a remote location without the need to be physically available during working hours at the office. At no travel expense, you’ll embark on a foreign experience, complete your job without a commute and straight from your phone!

Remote internships will help you to sell yourself to prospective employers, demonstrate your worth remotely at no travel expense, and kick-start an international career from anywhere.

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Why Remote Internship Programme?

Go Global From Anywhere

Go Global From Anywhere

A remote internship helps you to go internationally from home, with flexible hours of 20-30 hours per week to help you fulfil college needs or other obligations, whether you balance your education, a career or family commitments. The greatest benefit of remote internships is getting access to a worldwide network of practitioners.
Make Your Resume Shine

Make Your Resume Shine

You will be allowed to pick the length of your internship, beginning all year round at your leisure, from 4 to 16 weeks. If you’re a current university student searching for summer job experience, recent graduate or specialist looking to change your future, this chance will help you to develop your resume.
Boost Your Employability

Boost Your Employability

Doing a remote internship with a multinational organisation can assist you to develop the qualities required for prospective employers to be a valued asset, such as time management, cross-cultural fluency and self-discipline. Having this capability set in your portfolio shows that you can excel in a remote setting and eventually improve your employability.

Application Procedure

Online Application

Online Application

Fill out the application form on our website.
Application Review

Application Review

We will call to let you know whether you have been selected to move to the next stage, and to schedule and interview.


You will interview with our enrolment team over an interactive video call to discuss your qualification and clarify any questions.
Admission Committee

Admission Committee

Our team will review all the documents and interview materials to determine your acceptance to the program.


You will receive an acceptance letter within 2 working days from the admission committee with an email.
Online Application

Online Application

If you are accepted into the program, you will have 3 – 5 days to secure your spot with an enrolment fees and submitting relevant documents.

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