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Entering the exciting world of trading can be a daunting prospect, but our VIP Mentoring Programme will teach you the essentials and allow you to start trading confidently in a matter of weeks.

This premium training programme offers a three-on-one mentoring experience, undertaken by our experienced trainers and tutors who will offer guidance as you navigate real-time trading practice, allowing you to learn essential skills such as risk assessment and understanding market signals on the job.

Our mentoring programme is supported by industry professionals, and designed to teach you about the fundamentals of trading alongside hands-on experience over a comprehensive 7-week course.

The courses are tailored to meet your individual needs as a student with flexible interaction schedules, allowing you to study at your own pace wherever you may be.

Through the Mentoring Programme, you will learn:

  • Trading strategies, and how best to develop and apply them.
  • The fundamentals of placing trades, earning profits and identifying suitable trading styles.
  • How to apply technical indicators and studies to real-time financial markets.
  • The skill of predicting prices, and how to create exciting opportunities from predictions.
  • The psychology of trading, and techniques to keep a level head while trading.
  • How to manage risks and protect yourself from volatile markets.

The VIP Mentoring Programme takes place over 7 weeks.

In the first week, you will be taught by a trainer and a tutor on the essentials of trading, including theory and practice alongside the following modules.

For the remaining six weeks, you will get the opportunity to practice trading with industry professionals for an hour a week.

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets

Module 2:
How Does Trading Work?

Module 3:
Orders, Execution, and Leverage

Module 4:
Trading Psychology

Module 5:
The Basics of Technical Analysis

Module 6:
Fundamental Analysis

Module 7:
Trade Planning and Risk Management

Module 8:
Understanding Risk and Reward

Module 9:
How To Spread Betting And CFD Trading Work

Module 10:
Choosing A Market To Place A Trade On

Module 11:
Practical Demonstration And Live Trading.

There are two ways this course can be taken

Limited Offer


The classes are taken online
  • » Regular price £3500. Offer price £1500
  • » All of the modules are included.
  • » The classes are taken online over zoom session.
Limited Offer


The classes are taken on the campus
  • » Regular price £5000. Offer price £2000
  • » All of the modules are included.
  • » The classes are taken in Canary Wharf.

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