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If you trade without proper knowledge and skills, you may earn some income but are most likely to end up losing more.  In this course, you will learn all about trading and how to earn money without taking risks by using our expert knowledge and experience. This is an ideal course for anyone who wishes to earn more money or kick-start their career in the trading world. Comprising 10 modules, this course is easy to understand from the most fundamental to the most advanced aspects of trading. You can study on campus as well as online, or a combination of both.

Our courses are designed and developed by industry experts and professional trainers. Our trainers have a wealth of experience, both in teaching and from trading background.

Our training programme is comprehensive which includes face-to-face classroom lessons and flexible interaction. We provide the courses theoretically and practically and train you with the best hands-on techniques and most effective methods.

What you will learn?

-The technical jargon and main concepts in financial trading

-Assess your own knowledge and learn to find out your strengths and weaknesses

-Understand the nitty-gritties of trading world on a personal level

-Techniques traders use to earn consistent profits

-Make sense of charts, indicators and other aspects according to your needs.

-Uncover most profit yielding markets and choose a market that suits you

-The importance of price predictions in creating exciting opportunities

-How to place trade and earn profits and identify a suitable trading style

-Respond wisely to situations, maintain your profitability and take a particular position in the market

-How to protect yourself when the market turns against you and manage risk more efficiently

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets

Module 2: How does trading work

Module 3: Orders, Execution, and Leverage

Module 4: Trading Psychology

Module 5: The basics of Technical Analysis

Module 6: Fundamental Analysis

Module 7: Trade Planning and Risk Management

Module 8: Understanding Risk and Reward

Module 9: How to Spread betting and CFD Trading work

Module 10: Choosing a market to place a trade on

Module 11: Practical demonstration and live trading.

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