Is there anything I need to bring to the course/classes?

No, we will be providing you with all the basic things like printed notes of the class. You don’t need to get any specific equipment or gadget, just a bit of excitement and willingness to learn! Although, bring a notepad if you like.

Who is the course for ?

The course is for everybody. You can be an expert, you can be a beginner, you could have a part-time or full time job, be a mother or be a retired professional. This course offers both fundamental and technical skills in trading.

Can I trade and receive mentoring from the trading floor?

Yes. Our trainers are more than happy to help you with any doubts, suggestions and advice in your personal attempts at trading.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the course?
Yes. All the students will receive a certificate after successful completion of the course.

Why should I choose L2E?

From the get go, we have earned a good reputation within the trading community for the hands-on training and mentoring we provide. Our trainers have helped people to develop skills that have helped them take off in their careers. Some have even gone on to earn massive amounts of money from trading as a side business. We believe our brand name commands respect and we strive to live by it by offering the best learning experience, both online and on-site. This has resulted in our credibility as a learning platform among our clients and prospective clients, which we intend to keep.

What will this trading course enable me to do?

In addition to helping you acquire in-depth knowledge of the trading world, you will also get a foundation, guidance and insights into building a career. For people who have tried their hand at trading before but failed to make money or didn’t do well enough, our course will help them to operate with a more efficient and effective strategy in the market.

What if I cannot make the next course date ?

We are very understanding and value our clients. We are happy to arrange for a different session that can be mutually agreed on or put them in a different session so they don’t miss out on anything.

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