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When it comes to education, living, and career plans as an overseas student is not easy, so L2E will guide you to make the right decisions. Based in the UK, we not only assist your study progress but also help you start a life in the UK. Our aim is to make this process hassle-free and convenient so that you can be stress-free and begin your new journey.


What We Do?

We offer the following services:

  • Create your personalized academic application plan that includes choosing proper universities and courses.
  • Support you in your UK university application process; writing the Statement of Purpose, Depositing the Fees, Booking University/private Accommodation, etc.
  • Help you get the offer letter and CAS from the University.
  • Help you to apply for the Visa, Insurance, and Airline Tickets.
  • Guide and help you to settle down in the UK after you have landed in the country: Arranging for travel from the Airport, getting the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), opening a bank account, applying for the National Insurance (NI) number, and other services.

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