VIP Mentoring Programme

This is a premium training programme provides a three-on-one mentoring session undertaken by our trainers with one student.They will help you develop the knowledge regarding market signals and the fundamental steps of trading as well as sharpen your skills to balance trading risks. With our professional mentors, you will be able to generate profitable trades through calculated risk management strategies. You will shadow your mentors in every step and copy their moves. The student can ask any doubts or questions after they have gone through some real-time practice and get guidance without any hesitation or inhibitions. The mentors can monitor every move of the student and give them better feedback on the spot. Our team will deliver a highly acclaimed market research, compare and assemble comparison tables from the real financial market and will share their market insights with you. The course begins with a theoretical and practical session followed by 6 weeks of hands-on practice with professional traders.


Our experienced traders understand how to bring out your greatest potential so that you will be confident enough to trade yourself  in real markets with the profit generating decisions. You will be in good hands which will help you to become an expert trader in no time!

1st session

A 2-on-1 session with one trainer and one tutor teaching one student theoretically and practically.

2nd session

1 hour practice with professional traders every week for 6 weeks.

Live Stream Markets

£ 1500
  • Online
  • Zoom Classes
£ 2000
  • On-Campus
  • Cannary Wharf

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