Top financial news resources

Our blog is a great resource for getting the trading fundamentals, but it’s also important for you to stay informed on market movements and financial news from dedicated journalistic outlets. But what are the best places to get this news? Read on to find out more about the top news resources.


MarketWatch is a website that provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data, At the top of the page, you’ll find a ticker that lets you monitor key exchanges, check stock prices, and browse the latest news.

The site covers the main market moving headlines of the day from the FTSE, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and more, with advanced charting and stock price alerts. The website also covers a wide range of sectors and markets such as stocks, commodities, forex, and other asset classes, including fundamental analysis and reporting of macroeconomic data at country level.



Bloomberg is one of the top providers of market data, offering news sorted into a number of different categories, including asset class, region, industry, and general financial. On the homepage, you’ll find current market trends, along with top headlines and stories.

With a specific European edition, the Bloomberg website covers the major market news of the day. There are also a number of links to interactive Bloomberg stock charts, currencies, bond rate charts and commodities. However, much of Bloomberg’s content beyond the homepage is behind paywalls, and without paying a subscription fee you are limited to a few news articles per month.



Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the world; it employs around 2,500 journalists and 600 photojournalists in about 200 locations worldwide.

Another top market data provider, Reuters has broad coverage of stock-specific, sector-specific, and market-specific news on their Markets section. The results page integrates existing price quotes with news items, giving a unified view to the user. Reuters also gives regular updates on various commodities, such as forex or oil and gas prices, allowing you to stay informed on how your chosen markets move.

Founded in 2007, is one of the top three global financial websites in the world. It offers market quotes, information about stocks, futures, options, analysis, commodities, and an economic calendar.

This site is geared more toward active trading, and you can observe futures contracts, commodity prices, ETFs, and forex prices on the homepage. Many investors use this site to track up-to-date quotes across a variety of investments, and their news section seems impartial and in-depth.


The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the largest newspapers in the United States by circulation, and the WSJ website is one of the top online publications to be followed across the globe for business news. WSJ the usual news and price quotes with related details, as well as easy access to email alerts based on available criteria.

However, the challenge with WSJ is that one gets only the headlines for free. Detailed news items usually require a paid subscription, which will also enable access to expert comments, editorials, and diversified content useful to traders.


The Financial Times

The FInancial Times (FT) is one of the world’s leading finance news websites, globally recognized for its authority, and the FT’s website features a wide variety of content including finance news, data and analysis and more.

Another top publication for business news, FT provides comprehensive financial news with global coverage and categorized view. While it is another website that keeps its articles behind a paywall, paying the subscription fee might be a good idea for aspiring traders who want detailed opinions about global finance.



CNBC is a recognized world leader in international business news, offering business information for its international audience as well as real-time financial market coverage.

CNBC’s homepage contains up-to-date developments across the global markets, with a dedicated news section that includes news for U.S. stocks and regional listings for Asia and Europe. CNBC’s website also gives you access to a wide range of video content, with clips of financial news stories, interviews and discussions taken straight from the CNBC TV channel itself.


News aggregator sites

As well as the aforementioned independent news sites, you could also use news aggregator services, which allow you to see news from multiple sources. In addition, you can set up email alerts on these aggregator sites if you want notifications about news related to a given topic or sector.

Examples of news aggregator sites include:

Google Finance
Yahoo Finance
Seeking Alpha