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Types of investing: top-down vs bottom-up

The world of trading is a complex and multi-faceted one, and there are many different approaches to investing. In this blog post, we’ll go over two different types of investing: top-down and bottom-up, and see how you can use both modes to make the most of your trading.   Top-down investing Top-down investing is an […]
technical analysis

Technical analysis: the basics

In a previous blog post, we covered the basics on fundamental analysis. But what about the other main mode of market analysis- technical analysis? Read on to find out more.   What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is a method of market analysis that examines and predicts using historical data from price charts and market […]

Trading with leverage: Everything you need to know

Leverage can be a valuable tool in your trading operations, and can be used to help you make the most of an unfavourable or unprofitable situation. But what exactly is leverage, and how can you best use it when trading? Read on to find out more.   What is leverage? The clue is in the […]

Types of traders: who’s who in the trading world

As a trader, you’ll come into contact with various other traders, as well as various individuals and bodies; in some cases you may need their services to gain access to the markets. Read on for a look at these market participants, their functions and their motivations – and importantly your relationship with them.   Retail […]

Why you should learn how to trade

If you’re on this blog, chances are you’re at the very least interested in learning how to trade, or curious about the world of trading. You may be wondering “why should I learn how to trade? What’s in it for me?” While the potential financial benefits of learning how to trade are obvious, there are […]

Six top tips to diversify your portfolio

It’s important to diversify your portfolio if you want to be an effective trader- putting all your eggs in one basket with your investments could result in big losses if the asset or company you choose ends up suffering on the stock market, and widening your investment net could land you some unexpected boons while […]

The top healthcare stocks to watch in 2021

With the current global pandemic, more attention has been put on healthcare stocks than ever, and this extra attention has resulted in some significant reverberations on the global stock market. As the pandemic goes on developments in healthcare technology will continue to be in high demand, which could translate to success on the stock market […]

The GameStop stocks saga- what happened?

The stock market was shaken recently by users on the Reddit r/wallstreetbets community, who banded together to make GameStop the unlikely epicenter of an attack on Wall Street trading. But what exactly happened, how did it happen and what could this mean for the future of the stock market? Read on to find out more. […]

How to analyse a company’s financial statements

A company’s financial statements can be a valuable source of information when considering where to invest, with these documents containing a lot of useful qualitative and quantitative factors that will inform your analysis. But making sense of financial statements can be tough, and they often contain a lot of dense information and statistics. Here are […]

Easy trading mistakes to make and how to avoid them

Trading can be a useful way to make ends meet, especially in these trying times. However, with the big potential rewards from trading also come big risks, and one mistake can result in pretty significant losses if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some common mistakes that you should consider when taking your […]