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The GameStop stocks saga- what happened?

The stock market was shaken recently by users on the Reddit r/wallstreetbets community, who banded together to make GameStop the unlikely epicenter of an attack on Wall Street trading. But what exactly happened, how did it happen and what could this mean for the future of the stock market? Read on to find out more. […]

How a Biden presidency could affect stock markets

2020 was a year of massive social upheavals, perhaps none quite as explosive as Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in November 2020. Biden’s presidency is expected to bring some changes on the global markets in the wake of Trump’s controversial four-year term, but what changes are on the horizon? Here are the present reactions […]

The view on stock markets in 2021 from ARK’s Cathie Wood

Catherine “Cathie” Wood is the founder, CEO and CIO of investment firm ARK Investment Management LLC. ARK managed the largest actively-managed exchange-traded fund in 2020, and Wood herself was named the best stock picker of 2020 by Bloomberg editor-in-chief emeritus Matthew A. Winkler. With this in mind, here are some of Wood’s investments through ARK […]